Magnesium Chloride De-Icing Emulsion

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ULTRA Mag™ is a control agent with corrosion inhibitors used for melting ice on road surfaces. It may also be used with abrasive substances, such as sand, to produce an ice melter without loss of traction. It is used as a general snow and ice melter. A corrosion inhibitor has been added to reduce corrosion of steel on structures associated on sites where the ULTRA Mag™ ice control agent is used.

ULTRA Mag™ ice control agent’s magnesium chloride blend keeps on working long after it’s applied to prevent new ice and snow buildup from forming. It stays in liquid form to effectively melt ice and snow in cold temperatures when calcium chloride solutions may begin to glaze. Thus, highways are safer for a longer period of time, which eases traffic, reduces accidents, and keeps material costs down. 

Anti-icing is a tremendous weapon against snow and ice. Used with sound anti-icing and de-icing strategies, ULTRA Mag™ provides effective, economical control over winter storms.

ULTRA MagTM Magnesium Chloride, at a concentration of 26%, has a freeze point of -6° F

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wv dep approvedBENEFITS:

  • Improves Traction
  • Prevents Ice & Snow
    Build Up
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Eases Traffic
  • Reduces Accidents
  • Cost Effective
  • And More


  • Highways & Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Industrial 
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction Sites
  • Parks
  • Landing Pads & Airstrips
  • And More


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