EES-Dust-Control-Spray-Truck-from-video-captureUltra Bond™ Premium Dust & Erosion Control

Provides effective, clean, safe, and affordable control of airborne dust and protection against soil erosion for State, County, Township, and City roads, as well as quarries, mines, truck terminals, steel mills, generating stations, and numerous other areas where dust control is essential.

Ultra BondTM concentrate mixes readily with water and is applied at ambient temperatures to be treated under pressure, typically 20 to 30 psi.  Application is usually performed with a specially equipped spreader truck.

HD-2000 Sand & Gravel Binder™

When recycling old and deteriorated roads using a road reclaimer, roads can be cut, pulverized, and mixed with HD-2000 Sand & Gravel BinderTM.  This RAP material is reused as a road base material.  This method is very economical and environmentally safe.

HD-2000 Sand & Gravel Binder is an emulsion specially designed to bond gravel and other types of aggregate together on roads and parking areas.  It can be used to bind the loose aggregate to help keep it on the road, to stop rutting from heavy traffic, and eliminate the dust formed as heavy traffic starts the grinding action that pulverizes the aggregate.

2000 Tack & Prime™

Is a clean, safe, non-flammable emulsion that can be used as a tack, as a prime, or as a seal coat on unpaved roads.  Minimal sanding and fast cure time allows traffic control to be reduced to a minimum.  No heat is necessary for application.

2000 Tack & Prime starts to cure immediately upon application.  Total cure time is short for most surfaces, depending on weather conditions, which reduces traffic control to a minimum.

Site Preparation

For maximum product performance, the road or surface should be graded, scarified, and rolled before EES's Dust Control product is applied.

Application Recommendations

No dust palliative should be applied during a rainstorm, or if a storm is imminent, because heavy rain could wash away any product until the emulsion has broken.  Normally our products will penetrate into the surface and be relatively dry in less than one hour.  However, should sudden heavy rainstorms occur during the application process and wash away any product still on the surface, please note that it still retains its safety qualities.  It is not recommended to apply product near drainage ditches, drains, ponds, streams, or waterways.

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